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Acne Scar Removal Methods and Treatments.

This website is dedicated to Acne Scar Removal Methods and Treatments.

Acne is often considered as something transient that does not require special attention.
In theory it should go away quickly without causing serious problems. In fact it is a real disease; if you're lucky it will represent only a passing phase of your existence, otherwise it will jump on your life like a hurricane, destroying the beauty of your youth and leaving indelible marks on that flawless complexion that mother nature had given you.

Acne comes suddenly, silently. One morning you wake up and start to realize that your skin is shinier than usual and some small blacks dots appear on the forehead and on the nose.
Your mother tells you not to worry; everything is absolutely normal and will go away by itself. She purchases for you a special soap along with a cream that will solve all your problems.
You are absolutely confident and with perseverance wash your face with soap and then apply the cream. However, you soon realize that something is not working. The skin becomes every day more fat and some pimples filled with pus start to appear here and there on your face. So you try to squeeze them but the situation is getting worse and the infection worsens.

Time passes, you try different soaps, different creams, you go to a dermatologist... but nothing really change.
The situation worsens when the pimples start to burst or erupt under the outer layer of the skin. Some nodules became inflamed, solid, deeper in the dermis.
You still have not fully realized that this type of acne will leave deep scars on your skin, now reduced to a battlefield.

My dear readers, this is what happened to me. I continued to fight against acne since adolescence, until I was 19, when an endocrinologist prescribed me, Diane, an acne drug also used as birth control. Within a year my skin began to improve incredibly, leaving however several scars on my cheeks. Since then I tried different roads, some useless, other profitable and, after several mistakes and successes, my scars are looking so much better!
Today I can say I'm satisfied of my skin, even if it is not perfect.

I decided to create this website to help those involved in a situation similar to mine, looking for some Acne Scar Removal Methods and Treatments that really work. It is a must-have resource guide through the complexities of treatment for acne scars. I encourage those with acne scars to explore all the options available, because what works for some people can't be the right solution for you. Everyone is different!
Bur remember: you are not alone and you can improve the condition of your skin!

Here you will find:

  • Causes of Scars. What causes scars? Acne, of course! But this does not always happen. There are many factors responsible for the appearance of scars. Acne in the initial stage usually only leaves some reddish spots that disappear in the space of six months. Nodular acne, which develops under the skin, leaves deep scars, generally very difficult to remove. In each case the extent of scarring also depends on the type of skin and it varies greatly from person-to-person.
  • Different types of Acne Scars: lesions of the skin can be very different. Ice pick scars ,boxcar scars, Rolling scars, hypertrophic scars are the more common types. It's very important that you learn what's your type of scar in order to find the most correct procedure for its removal.
  • Ways to remove Acne Scars: today there are many procedures available for the improvement of acne scars. whatever the situation of your skin, do not fall into despair! There is always a solution that can dramatically improve your appearance, just look for it.
  • Home remedies for acne scar removal: if you have mild to moderate forms of scars, some natural home remedies can really help to minimize the appearance of the lesions. Glycolic and mandelic acid, vitamin C, retin A, bu also honey, apple cider vinegar and garlic can be very useful.
  • Surgical Procedures, such as Laser and Chemical Peels. These procedures can be the only possibility to improve the appearance of the skin, if the scars are deep such as ice pick and deep boxcar scars.
  • Informations about Makeup for scars: makeup can really do wonders for the appearance of your skin but you have to know how apply it perfectly to minimize the lesions.
  • And much more - everything related to "Acne Scar Removal"

  • Remember: scars cannot be copletely removed, only improved.

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